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Seynabou Gaye

Volunteer Engagement Officer, Crossroads International

Seynabou has accumulated over four years of experience in the field of Public Engagement, particularly in working with youth volunteers. She started at WUSC, where she provided support to university local committees in their efforts to welcome refugee students while doing advocacy work and raising awareness on resettlement and displacement. Presently, her focus lies in conceptualising and executing a Returning Volunteer Strategy at Crossroads International, aimed at ensuring strong engagement and retention of volunteer alumni. Crossroads is an organisation dedicated to promoting Gender Equality and empowering communities through various projects. Her work also integrates her background in Environmental Sustainability, with a keen interest in Climate Change mitigation and adaptation, which is actively pursued through volunteer-led mandates. As a co-organiser of the previous successful IVCO conference, she eagerly anticipates contributing her expertise and dedication to this year’s event, further advancing the mission for positive change.